Advisory Committee Member Profile

Kathryn Stephany

Active term 11/2021 – 11/2022




Areas of Expertise

Project and executive leadership.


General council

FactRight, LLC



Prior to her current role as General Counsel, Kate Stephany worked as a securities attorney at FactRight since 2013.

Kate focuses on the business/formation areas of a company. Though she was new to the industry when she started at FactRight, her previous experience in bankruptcy law and banking helped her excel, and after a year she was promoted to project lead. After obtaining her undergraduate degree, Kate worked in the finance department of a large insurance company and moved to the Twin Cities a few years later to attend law school.

Prior to working at FactRight, Kate held several positions, including contract work in due diligence for an international financial services company, and practicing bankruptcy law. Kate is an avid knitter, winning awards from the Minnesota State fair, enjoys camping, and spending time with her husband and son.


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