Welcome to the Women in Leadership Certificate Program at ​Minnesota State University, Mankato’s Center for Workforce Professional Education

The role of a woman in our society is constantly evolving. From the ongoing battle for equal rights to the breaking of barriers in the workplace, women face complex issues in a dynamic environment that has been dominated by men for centuries. Even in the face of adversity, women continually meet or exceed company expectations while continuing to juggle the day-to-day. The modern-day woman is often required to transition from mogul to mother in a matter of minutes.

With over 12 million women-owned businesses in the United States, this course serves as a platform for female leaders to engage and uplift each other by inspiring positive change. You will learn how to navigate the nuances of leading a powerful organization through thought leadership, barrier destruction, and influence.

Women in Leadership Certificate Program

4-Day In-Classroom Program ($4,995)

Dates:  TBD

  • Breakfast & Lunch
  • Networking Events
  • WIL Portfolio and all course materials​

8-Module Online Program ($4,995)

Self-Paced Learning

  • Rolling Admission – enroll at any time
  • Interactive Projects
  • WIL Portfolio and all course materials

Industry Leaders, Professionals & Educational Experts 

Throughout this course, renowned female professionals and highly experienced educational experts become directly accessible through a digital platform. This exclusive program allows you to interact with some of the most fascinating women in today’s ever-changing society as they lead each module.

Benefits of Virtual Learning:

  • Challenge yourself at your own pace
  • Join interactive discussion forums
  • Collaborate with cohorts in your own environment
  • Download course offerings for future use
  • Replay video and audio dialogue as needed
  • Multi-faceted approach with self-guided and instructor led courses
  • Maintain a flexible schedule
  • Easily navigate the user-friendly learning platform
  • Reference resources support continuous learning and growth

Benefits to the Company 

  • Students return with strategies for accountability to reduce lost revenue and improve work performance.
  • Help employees more effectively convert unproductive conflict to profitable dialogue.
  • Encourage high-value employees to realize their potential within the company and hone their managerial skills.
  • Develop specific tools for managing communication and productivity among diverse, interpersonal styles.
  • Encourage health and well-being of employees by improving overall organizational behavior.
  • Perfect skills for asserting decisions and negotiations, resulting in an improved bottom line.

Benefits to the Student

  • Discover your authentic self and translate this new-found discovery into impactful leadership skills.
  • Learn the secrets for work/life balance as a female leader by reducing noise and increasing encouragement.
  • Clarify your ideas, suppress toxicity, and help improve your health and well-being.
  • Set boundaries for negotiation and strategy in making actionable, positive, result-oriented decisions.
  • Understand the many faces of transformational and transactional leadership and its effect on obtaining an ethical ROI.
  • Learn to assert your power and position without compromising your integrity.
  • Evade the antiquated methods of valuing your worth and demonstrate your real value through appropriate communication.